My name is Tiffany Maple and I have been an athletic trainer working with athletic related injuries, prevention and rehabilitation for over 10 years. I have moved into Massage Therapy because of all the benefits that massage can bring to your life. It not only relieves muscle tension, but it can increase relaxation, improve your immune system, aid in better sleep, improve performance in daily activities as well as athletic performance and it increases total body circulation.

I have recently been named the exclusive Massage Therapist for the FC Cincinnati soccer team and I could’t be more excited!! But I don’t only work on athletes….my clientele ranges from high school all the way to those in nursing homes and every stage of life in between!

I have been in this location for 3 years now and I have loved every minute of it! It is my goal  to see you happy and healthy and I work to make sure that the massage is tailored to you and what you need, not just giving you a cookie cutter massage every time.


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